Cloud Services

We provide reliable technical support services for cloud & on-premise environments to minimize your network and server problems. Our range of professional IT support services include 24/7 cloud infra monitoring, managing networks and datacenters, security services, web application firewall support, performance monitoring, incident handling etc.,

Cloud Support & Services

DevOps – At Conquerors with our DevOps services, we support companies in the transition from conventional project-based conversion to fast delivery-based services. Our specialists help companies to overcome difficult software development problems and to ensure fast and agile delivery. Our DevOps Consulting Service helps companies, SMBs, and beginners align their research and development activities to increase productivity, application quality, and time to market. Some of the services included in our consultation with DevOps are Infrastructure automation, Build & Release automation, Tracking & Monitoring, and Training & Migration.

Maintenance Support– IT support and manage servers, environment setup, support issues, setup monitoring tools, configuration management etc.,

Systems IT Support– Networking support, servers & Infra support, datacenters, systems helpdesk, data backup & recovery etc.,

24×7 Infra MonitoringWe provide services in 24 x 7 support and incident handling, Infra Provisioning, Security aspects, Backup and Recovery etc.,